Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Policies

UMD Housing & Residence Life, in accordance with the University equal opportunity statement, will recognize and respect the stated gender identity of each student.  H&RL will make every attempt to provide students with safe and comfortable housing assignments in keeping with their gender identity and expression.

Students will be allowed to select gender inclusive apartments, in which the student make-up of the apartment can consist of any combination of genders.  (All student apartments are 2-bedroom for 4 students and have one private bathroom within the apartment.)  

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Notes on Gender Inclusive Housing

  • No student will be assigned to Gender Inclusive Housing without consultation from Housing & Residence Life staff.
  • Housing & Residence Life will still continue to offer single gender housing options for students throughout our facilities.
  • Housing & Residence Life discourages students in relationships from living together.

Vacancies in Gender Inclusive Housing

If a vacancy occurs in a room, H&RL will keep in mind the original requests of the students in that apartment when filling the vacancy.  If the remaining occupants in a space are of one gender, H&RL will assign a student of that same gender to the open space.  If the remaining occupants of the space are of differing genders, H&RL will assign a student who has indicated preference of living with someone of a different gender. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Gender Inclusive Housing, Gender Neutral Housing, or Gender Open Housing?
Each campus approaches gender-inclusive housing in a different way and uses different terminology to describe it.  Ultimately, the three titles are referring to the same concept.  UMD students and staff felt the term Gender Inclusive Housing was the most appropriate term for us to use on our campus.

Why should UMD offer gender-inclusive housing?
Offering gender-inclusive housing is supportive of UMDs Strategic Plan Goal #2 in creating a more inclusive campus climate & community.  Adopting of this policy not only supports GLBT students, but also provides an additional housing option to all students which may aid in their success. 

Will any student be forced into gender-inclusive housing?
No.  Students will not be forced into a gender-inclusive housing environment.  They will need to select this as a housing option.  If they do not select it, they will not be assigned into it.

Won’t this take away options for students who don’t want to live in gender-inclusive housing?
No.  Students will still have the opportunity to live in a single-gender environment if they desire it.

Can students in a heterosexual relationship live together under this option?
Certainly they could, however, students are encouraged to think through the decision of living with a significant other, regardless of whether it is a same-sex or different-sex relationship.  Some relationships are ready for this step and others are not.  While this is a common concern, at other institutions with a gender-inclusive housing policy, this is a rare occurrence.