Academic Breaks

General Break Information

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General Break Information

Winter Break Dates

Winter break starts Friday, December 15, 2023 and lasts until Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The LSH Info Desk will reopen Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 8am for new students who plan to move-in. 

Spring Break Dates

Spring break begins Saturday, March 2, 2024 and lasts until Sunday, March 10, 2024.

Exterior Door Locking Schedule

All exterior doors for housing facilities will be locked 24/7 over break periods. This shouldn't be a change for apartment, Burntside, and Vermilion residents as they need their keys to open their exterior doors throughout the academic year.

This change particularly impacts residents who need to access the residence halls. Doors that require Ucard access will be locked at all times. 

Maintenance & Custodial Requests

Staffing over break periods is reduced, particularly on days that the university is closed. Residents staying on campus over break periods who have maintenance or custodial requests should submit a work order through their housing portal. Please keep in mind that requests may take more time to be addressed. If you have an urgent facilities need, call the Lake Superior Hall Information Desk at 218-726-7381 for assistance. 

Can I stay on campus during break periods?

Residents are allowed to remain on campus during all break periods. Residents don't have to submit a request or pay extra to stay. We ask that folks keep in mind that staffing is reduced over breaks and that other campus facilities may be closed or operating under reduced hours.

The one exception are students who graduate or who are leaving campus at the end of the semester. These students cannot stay on campus over winter break. Students must be enrolled in classes for spring semester to remain on campus.

Leaving for Winter Break?

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Leaving for Winter Break?

Winter Break Checklist

  • Don’t forget to take home items you might need over break (wallet, medication, IDs).
  • Stop by the mailroom to pick up any last minute packages/mail. The mailroom will be closed during winter break.
  • Turn off and unplug computers and all other electrical items in your room.
  • Remove all perishable items from the refrigerator.
  • Take out garbage and recycling.
  • Pull the beds away from the heaters. Ensure flammable objects (including bedding) are not near the heaters.
  • Apartment, Griggs E/F and Ianni Hall Residents: Set every thermostat or baseboard heater at a minimum of 60 degrees or medium setting.
  • Turn off your alarm clock.
  • If possible, take all plants and fish home. 
  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked. 
  • Close window curtains.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock all doors.
  • Leaving your vehicle on campus over break? You need to park in lot T-4 near Bagley prior to departure, otherwise your vehicle might be towed. Click here to see a parking map.

Room Checks

Housing staff will be conducting room checks the evening of Friday, December 15 and the morning of Monday, December 18. Room checks are meant to ensure that residents doors are locked, windows are closed, lights are turned off, and that there are no fire hazards in the room. Staff will document any policy violations (i.e. restricted appliances, alcohol, etc...) that are out in the open.

Room entry slips will be left for rooms that are documented for a policy violation or to indicate any action that was taken by staff in the room/apartment (i.e. locking a door, closing a window, etc...).  

Room Keys

Residents should not turn their keys in or leave them behind when leaving for break. Residents should take their keys with them so they are able to access their room when they return to campus. 

Staying for all or part of Winter Break?

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Staying for all or part of Winter Break?

Lockout Information

Call the Lake Superior Hall Information Desk at 218-726-7381 for assistance.

Mailroom Hours

The mailroom is closed over winter break and will reopen at 2pm on January 10, 2024. 

Parking Information

Residents who are staying on campus over break can still park in green residential lots. They need to be able to move their vehicles if it snows so the lots can be plowed. If students are leaving for winter break and choose to keep their vehicle on campus, they should move their vehicle to the T-4 lot next to Bagley to avoid being towed. Click here to see a parking map.

Dining Options

Please refer to the dining website for up to date information. Dining facilities tend to be closed over break periods or operate under reduced hours. Residents who plan to stay on campus for all or part of break should plan accordingly.

Planned Internet Outage - Griggs (Jan 2 - Jan 5)

We anticipate an internet outage will occur from January 2 - January 5, 2024 for all Griggs residents due to planned maintenance work. Wifi should remain accessible in Lake Superior Hall, Ianni, Burntside, Vermilion, and all apartment buildings. Griggs residents who need Wifi access during this time can go to the Lake Superior Hall or Ianni lobbies. 

Room Checks

Housing staff will be conducting room checks the evening of Friday, December 15 and the morning of Monday, December 18. If someone is present in the room when staff arrive, staff will not enter the space. If one or more people in your room/apartment are on campus, but not in the room/apartment when staff arrive, staff will proceed with inspecting the room and leave a room entry notification slip if any action was taken.