Costs & Rates

2024-2025 Housing & Dining Rates

The following rates have been approved by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. Housing & Dining charges are posted to the student account for each semester.

Room TypeMeal PlanSemester Room AmountSemester Meal Plan + DD*** AmountSemester Total
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*Unlimited Visits Per Week$2,713$2,800 + $100$5,613
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*14 Visits Per Week$2,713$2,400 + $100$5,213
Large Double RoomUnlimited Visits Per Week$2,654$2,800 + $100$5,554
Large Double Room14 Visits Per Week$2,654$2,400 + $100$5,154
Double RoomUnlimited Visits Per Week$2,328$2,800 + $100$5,228
Double Room14 Visits Per Week$2,328$2,400 + $100$4,828
Triple Room Unlimited Visits Per Week$2,177$2,800 + $100$5,077
Triple Room 14 Visits Per Week$2,177$2,400 + $100$4,677
Apartment**Unlimited Visits Per Week$3,276$2,800 + $100$6,176
Apartment**14 Visits Per Week$3,276$2,400 + $100$5,776
Apartment**Dining Dollars Only$3,276$0 + $100$3,376

Housing and meal plan rates and structure are subject to change.

*A limited number of single rooms are available only in Vermilion Hall, an all-male facility. These rooms are reserved for returning students and individuals with approved accommodations.

**Students assigned to live in the on-campus apartments are not required to select a residential meal plan but do have $100 per semester in dining dollars.  Apartment residents who have opted out of a residential meal plan can choose to purchase a Block Meal Plan online or at the UCard office.  

***Dining Dollars are non-refundable and are not prorated based upon usage.  Unused Dining Dollars do carry over from Fall to Spring.  Unused Dining Dollars are lost at the end of Spring Semester.