Quarantine & Isolation

UMD has developed a plan to provide isolation & quarantine housing for on-campus residential students that have been instructed by a medical professional or a government health authority that they need to isolate or quarantine.  Please note that these quarantine & isolation spaces are not available to students living off-campus, faculty, staff, or community members.

Flow chart for isolation and quarantine

Students would be directed to Isolation Housing if they are unvaccinated and have symptoms of COVID-19 OR if they have tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of the vaccination status.  Students would be released from isolation by medical professionals after 5 days if they are no longer displaying symptoms.  Once released from isolation, students should wear masks for an additional 5 days.

Students would be directed to Quarantine Housing if they have had significant contact with an individual who is symptomatic or has tested positive for COVID-19, and they are not fully vaccinated (including booster shots if eligible).  Students would be released from quarantine as long as they have not displayed COVID-19 symptoms after 5 days.  Students should wear masks for an additional 5 days after being released from quarantine.

Students are not required to complete their isolation or quarantine on-campus.  For many students, isolating or quarantining with family members or others in a different location may be the best choice for them.  While UMD is prepared to care for students needing to isolate or quarantine, this care will not be the same as the care they may receive from family members or others.

The individual apartments being used for isolation & quarantine include a living room with a TV, kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, bathroom, and bedroom.

Students in isolation & quarantine will be provided with a daily delivery of meals from Dining Services.  If students receive mail or packages, those will also be delivered to the isolation & quarantine facility.  This will allow students to order any supplies or materials they may need via delivery.

Students assigned to isolation or quarantine will be provided with an information sheet that includes reminders about expectations and services provided to students while in isolation or quarantine.  The information sheet also includes contact information for various offices that are available to support a student while residing in isolation or quarantine.  Additionally, Health Services will conduct periodic check-ins with students in isolation and quarantine.

If students are needing to isolate or quarantine, we recommend that they bring the following items with them.  While many students will be released after 5 days, we recommend that students bring enough supplies for up to 2 weeks.

  • Cell phone & charger

  • Laptop & charger

  • Textbooks, course notes, other needed supplies for courses

  • Towels, washcloth, and toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush & paste, shampoo, etc.)

  • Medications

  • Bedding (sheets, blanket/comforter) & Pillow 

  • Books, video games, etc. for personal use

  • Snacks & food to supplement what is provided by Dining Services

  • Clothing 

  • Laundry supplies