UMD Housing has developed this isolation plan based upon the guidance provided by the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health.  This plan has also been developed in consultation with UMD Health Services, UMD Dining Services, and other impacted parties.

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If you feel ill and/or have COVID-19 symptoms

We strongly encourage you to get tested for COVID-19.  

  • At-home test kits are available through the Housing & Residence Life Office (LSH 149) during regular business hours. (Please wear a mask if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.)
  • At-home test kits may also be purchased at many retailers.  
  • A public testing site is located at the Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center
  • UMD Health Services has a limited PCR testing capacity available.

Do not go to in-person classes, work, fitness centers, dining halls, or social gatherings until you feel well. Have a friend bring you food (or only get orders to go) and minimize interactions with people outside of your room until you can be tested. If you test negative, stay in your room until your symptoms resolve.

If you test positive, follow the instructions in the I just tested positive for COVID-19 accordion.



If you have tested positive for COVID-19

You will need to isolate (stay home and avoid all in-person contact with others) until you are no longer infectious to avoid spreading COVID-19. 

Take the following steps: 

  • Inform your individual close contacts that they may have been exposed and should seek testing including (if applicable) your roommates. 
  • View the CDC’s Quarantine & Isolation Calculator to project how long you will need to isolate.
  • Decide whether you will isolate on campus or off campus.
    • If you do not share a bedroom, you can isolate in your own space. You should only leave your bedroom to use the bathroom, obtain or prepare food, or seek medical attention. You must wear a KN95 mask whenever you leave your bedroom and keep as much distance as possible from others when outside of your bedroom. 
    • If you share a bedroom with someone else, you and your roommate should discuss if one of you has another place to stay for a few days (for example, a friend or family member who lives nearby). If neither of you has an alternative space available, the person needing isolation should submit this form to see if an emergency space is available.
  • Contact your healthcare provider or UMD Health Services for any medical questions related to isolation, particularly if you have any high risk health concerns or are immunocompromised. 

Learn more about guidelines for on-campus residents outlined in the Isolation section below.


If you have had an exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19

Close contact is defined as being within six feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more while they were infectious. You may be informed by the person directly, or you may be contacted by a COVID-19 contact tracer from the Minnesota Department of Health.  

Take the following steps: 

  • Monitor yourself for any COVID-19 symptoms for 10 days
  • Wear a well-fitting face covering when around other people for 10 days
  • Take a COVID-19 five days after your exposure


If you have been instructed to isolate

Separation from others for a period of time is an important additional step in breaking the chain of community transmission of contagious disease. Isolation separates people who have tested positive for COVID-19 from others. 

Note: KN95 face masks are still required for individuals who are completing isolation or quarantine on campus whenever you are outside of your bedroom. 

If a resident needs to complete isolation on campus, they will either stay in their own space or request the use of an emergency space.

If you need to use an emergency space, we recommend students bring enough supplies for up to 10 days. 

During your isolation, you must remain out of public places. 

  • This includes lounges, lobbies, study spaces, the information desk, eating in the dining center or food court, hallways, and other common areas. 
  • The only reason to leave your space is to go to the bathroom, to be tested for COVID-19, retrieve food, critical packages, or to go to a critical medical appointment. 
  • KN95 masks are required at all times you are outside of your space.
  • Do not interact with others in person. People with active COVID-19 need to physically separate from others to ensure mutual health and safety. 
  • You should not use public transportation or ride-sharing. 

Students who violate these isolation protocols may be held responsible through our Conduct Process.


If a package arrives that you need before being released from isolation, you must wear an KN95 mask and only proceed to and from the pick up location. You may not linger in any public spaces.  If there are lengthy lines for package pick-up, we recommend that you come back at a later time where you can physically distance yourself from others.   


Dining during your isolation or quarantine is still possible with UMD Dining Services. With the utilization of the Sick Meal order form you have the ability to pre order your meal and pick it up while reducing your interactions with other campus community members. This service is available for cash sales, meal plans, block plans, Dining Dollars of Campus Cash or those choosing to charge to their student account.

Here is how the program works.

  • Review todays menu on the Nutrislice website
  • Fill out our Sick Meal order form and indicate your pick-up window
  • Your meal will be prepared and placed in a Reusable Container
  • Pick up yourself or designate a friend to stop at the Host stand located right inside the doorway of Superior Dining during your predetermined pick up time
  • Return to your room to enjoy,

Dining Services expects individuals using this service to follow CDC recommendations such as use of a KN95 facemask whenever you are outside of your bedroom.